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Peoria/Bloomington/Champaign IL Products 

    Above Air Technologies 

    DOAS Split System


    American Aldes 

    Commercial ERVs & HRVS


    Superblock Energy Recovery Technology
    Custom DX Cooling VRV Connect AHUs
    Direct Drive Fan Arrays

    Cooney Technologies
    Freeze Block Coils
    OEM & Custom Replacement Coils


    VRV and Light Commercial 

    • VRV Systems
    • Air & Water Cooled Condensers
    • Ducted & Duct-Free Fan Coil Units
    • Single & Multi-Zone Split Systems
    • Packaged Roof Top Units


    • VRV LIFE Air Conditioners
    • Heat Pump
    • Air Handlers and Coils
    • Gas Furnaces
    • Package Products
    • Single Zone (Ductless)


    Air Purifiers


    Epsilon Industries INC.

    • Chiller Plants,
    • Boiler Plants
    • Automatic Flow Control Views
    • Balancing Valves with calibrated Venturis
    • Coil Hook-ups Components & Hose Kits
    • Independent Flow Valves


    Needlepoint Ionization IAQ Treatment 

    • Vrv (Ductless & Ducted Fan Coils)
    • Mini Splits & Multi Splits
    • Rooftop Units
    • Air Handling Units


    • IAQ Ionizing Panels
    • Air Terminals

    Innovative Air Technologies
    Custom Industrial Desiccant Dehumidification Units
    Custom Air Handling Units & Test Chambers


    Markel Products Company 

    Electric Heating Products

    Oxygen 8

    VRV integrated Outdoor Unit Solutions



    ECM Fan Arrays (Retrofit or OEM)


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    Refrigerant Dehumidifers



    • Unit Heaters & Duct Furnaces
    • Make-Up Air
    • Packaged Air Conditioning



    • Air Curtains
    • High Intensity Heaters
    • Tube Heaters
    • Stadium Heaters
    • Electric Heaters



    • Residential Geothermal Heat Pumps
    • Commercial Geothermal Heat Pumps
    • Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
    • Dry Coolers

    Tower Tech 

    Cooling Towers


    • Packaged, Custom, & Compressorized Energy 
    • Heat Wheel, Heat Pipes, Plate Heat Exchanges 
    • Unitary Product Line 
    • Classroom Wall Unit Products 

    Yaskawa Electric Corporation

    Yaskawa America 

    HVAC Drives